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RefurbishedPhones.co.uk TERMS & CONDITIONS

RefurbishedPhones.co.uk recommends reading the Terms & Conditions (T&C’s) before placing an order for a refurbished mobile phone. Using the RefurbishedPhones.co.uk website to browse or order any of our products and services means that you accept these terms and conditions. We retain our right to change our Terms & Conditions occasionally without notice. We recommend reviewing the T&C’s page every time before placing a new order.


Contact Information:




24 St Peters Road


BH1 2LN.


Tel: 0330 2200 142


Email: using our contact form


Business hours: 9am – 6.00pm GMT (Local time)



Customers who place their orders using the RefurbishedPhones.co.uk website can only change their orders before the order confirmation. Once RefurbishedPhones.co.uk confirms your order via email, the order cannot be changed. Your order confirmation email is only an acknowledgment of the order (i.e. Order Receipt).

The legal contract is formed between RefurbishedPhones.co.uk as the first party and the customer as the second party. This contract begins after RefurbishedPhones.co.uk sends the confirmation last email which informs the customer which products are being dispatched and which courier is being used for the delivery along with an order tracking number. RefurbishedPhones.co.uk preserves the right to cancel a part of the order or the entire order without being obligated to give any reason for the cancelation.

In case there is a problem with a part of the order, or the order has been revoked, RefurbishedPhones.co.uk will inform the customer via email.

If the customer needs to change any items from the order after the order has already been confirmed and/or dispatched, the customer would then return the items they want to change according to RefurbishedPhones.co.uk’s return policy.

If you’re facing any trouble placing or tracking your order, please contact our customer services using the phone number or the email listed on our Contact Us page. Our customer service representatives would be glad to help you.



Prices are clearly placed on the website on every product page and these prices can be changed at any time. Customers are able to view the prices they are paying for individual products before the order is confirmed. The Delivery cost and expected data & time of delivery will be displayed on the checkout page according to the shipping service you, the customer, choose.

The information displayed on the RefurbishedPhones.co.uk website is updated regularly to ensure accuracy. If, however, the customer orders an item that has a mistake in its price, description, or picture, RefurbishedPhones.co.uk will contact the customer before dispatching the order to clarify the correct information regarding this item’s price, description, or picture. RefurbishedPhones.co.uk is under no obligation to process an order with a product at the wrong price according to an error on the website.

RefurbishedPhones.co.uk’s acceptable payment methods will differ according to the products and services included in the order. Namely, we accept these payment methods:

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • PayPal Credit

According to the payment method the customer chooses, the order is processed only after the payment has been made in full.



Since all of the RefurbishedPhones.co.uk orders are shipped using a tracked shipping service, we require that someone be present for the delivery of the order on the customer’s end. The duration of shipping and time of delivery is dependent on the shipping service that the customer chose on the checkout page. While our couriers usually deliver packages on time, delays may occur in some cases.

RefurbishedPhones.co.uk’s available shipping services are provided by Royal Mail.

Once RefurbishedPhones.co.uk receives the customer’s payment, the order will be processed within 24 hours. This applies to payments made on weekdays, from Monday to Friday, excluding banks’ official holidays. Since some products might take more than 24 hours to be dispatched, RefurbishedPhones.co.uk will notify the customer of this delay when the customer is placing their order. Orders placed on the weekends or official holidays will not be processed until the next weekday (business day/working day).



Failed deliveries are handled as per each courier’s policy. Some couriers and shipping services deliver a note i.e., “calling card” in the customer’s mailbox. If you, the customer, receive a Calling Card from your courier, you will need to call the number on the card to re-schedule your new delivery date/time.

In case the customer does not contact the courier to re-schedule their delivery, the order will be rescheduled for delivery on the next working day. Most couriers, except for Royal Mail packages, attempt to deliver packages up to 2 times and, in some cases, more.

If the customer is unable to find their Calling Card, it is the customer’s responsibility to track their order using the tracking information that can be found on the courier’s official website.

If the customer faces any issues reaching the order’s shipping status, please contact your courier or reach out to RefurbishedPhones.co.uk’s customer service ASAP.

If the courier is unable to reach the customer in any of the delivery attempts and the package is not collected by the customer, the package will be returned to RefurbishedPhones.co.uk and a new fee will be required for this package to be re-shipped.



RefurbishedPhones.co.uk is obligated to follow the shipping company’s time-frames for delivery in terms of declaring a package lost. In case of loss of products or packages, we will process a claim with the courier.

We expect to receive the final response regarding the lost item(s) claim within the timeframe set by the courier. The customer can reach more details by checking the “Lost Package” section on the courier’s website directly.

Expected responses from the courier on lost packages claim:

  1. The package is found and will be sent to the customer as per the courier’s standard procedure.
  2. The package is declared lost by the courier.

Once the package is declared lost, RefurbishedPhones.co.uk informs the customer and files a claim with the courier’s insurance company to get the customer their package’s insurance amount. The amount due for insurance will vary according to each courier’s insurance policy.

In case of packages lost during shipping, RefurbishedPhones.co.uk will also send the customer a Non-Receipt Declaration form which will be used in the investigation of the lost items. This form can and will be used in any legal proceedings against the recipient of the package in case the GPS data showed that the package was successfully delivered to the right destination.

This investigation may or may not be conducted by the police and it will include the person who purchased the products and the person who signed for/ received the package at the correct delivery destination. Please note that the timeframe to complete these proceedings will vary according to each individual case.

If you have any further inquiries regarding this form in case of having a lost package or product, please contact our customer service.



Upon receiving your order from RefurbishedPhones.co.uk, if you notice that the packaging is damaged, please refuse to accept the parcel and request that the package is returned back to the sender.

If the outer package is not damaged, but you find that any of the products are damaged in any way, please contact RefurbishedPhones.co.uk to notify us of this instance within a maximum of 2 days from receiving the parcel. RefurbishedPhones.co.uk will not be liable for any damaged products reported after 2 days.



RefurbishedPhones.co.uk currently ships to the UK only.



If your delivery address is located in a remote area or an island, please allow more time for deliveries. Suitable delivery methods, timetables, and prices will be displayed on the RefurbishedPhones.co.uk checkout page.



The RefurbishedPhones.co.uk team makes every possible effort to ensure that our customers will be happy and satisfied with their purchase from RefurbishedPhones.co.uk. However, we acknowledge the customer’s right to change their mind regarding an order. We have developed a return policy that reassures our customers regarding shopping with our platform.

Customers who want to return an item can do so within the timeframe and conditions elaborated in the next sections.


For Mobile Phones / Tablets:

Online purchases from RefurbishedPhones.co.uk are all under the distance selling regulations. As a result, items purchased from our website can be returned within a 30-calendar-day period from the date of receiving the said item in exchange for a full refund. For this return policy to be valid, RefurbishedPhones.co.uk requires proof of purchase for the item(s) being returned. RefurbishedPhones.co.uk also requires that the returned items must be in an “as new” condition for the returned item(s) to be accepted and a full refund issued.



RefurbishedPhones.co.uk’s return policy is fair as it allows customers who receive faulty products to return these products to be repaired, replaced, or for the price to be refunded. Our policy does not affect, nor does it incorporate the 30-day return guaranteed by the distance selling regulations.


By default, any customer who gets a faulty product, within a valid warranty policy, retains the right to return the said device to be repaired. The returning process of devices that require repairs must be arranged by and authorized by RefurbishedPhones.co.uk’s customer service team.

Once the customer contacts the customer service team, we will provide details as to how to proceed with the shipping of the returned items. All shipping details must be provided by RefurbishedPhones.co.uk. Items that are shipped without RefurbishedPhones.co.uk’s authorization are rejected and our company will take no responsibility for any of these unauthorized returns. Items that were not purchased from RefurbishedPhones.co.uk may be destroyed upon returning them to us.



RefurbishedPhones.co.uk team regrets hearing that our customers may be facing problems with the products they purchased from our website. Our 30-day refund or replace policy ensures the customer’s right to a healthy device in case an error or a fault shows in your device.

If the product is starts malfunctioning after the 30-day refund period has passed, the device will remain eligible for the repair services guaranteed by our warranty. If the repair does not resolve the issue and the device has been repaired by RefurbishedPhones.co.uk three times or more, then the device would be eligible for a replacement of the same brand and model. If no replacement is available, RefurbishedPhones.co.uk will refund you the price you paid for the product.

RefurbishedPhones.co.uk requires that devices that are returned for repair must be unlocked and do not contain any security software that may represent an obstacle to accessing the device.

Please remember to backup your data (if applicable) before sending the device to be repaired as RefurbishedPhones.co.uk will not be responsible for any data loss.

These items are required in order for your RefurbishedPhones.co.uk product return to be valid:

  • All the original parts
  • Any accessories
  • Packaging (Box, Internal Packaging, etc.)

All and any returned devices or products will be handled at the discretion of the RefurbishedPhones.co.uk Customer Service team. If a refund has been authorized by a RefurbishedPhones.co.uk customer service team member, our company requires that all of the returned order content must be present and in a like-new (as new) condition. This must always be agreed upon prior to return.

To contact the RefurbishedPhones.co.uk team that will handle your return, please send us an email at info (at) RefurbishedPhones.co.uk.

Items that are returned without RefurbishedPhones.co.uk’s authorization of the return will be rejected or subject to possible charges in case of any of the following:

  • Changes to the manufacturer standard settings
  • Attempts to tamper with manufacturer fixings or seals or software.
  • Any personal data upon the unit, removable or not.
  • Seals upon software have been broken
  • The device has non-standardized pin (unlock) code
  • Manufacturer content (Software) has been removed/deleted
  • The issues with the device are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty

*RefurbishedPhones.co.uk is not responsible for any data loss as a result of returning a device for replacement/repair or refund.



RefurbishedPhones.co.uk ensures that our customers are happy with their purchases from our website. While returned products that have exceeded their 30-day return period are not usually accepted by RefurbishedPhones.co.uk as long as they are not faulty, we can make exceptions for certain cases.

To discuss your return request for unwanted products, please contact us directly at info (at) RefurbishedPhones.co.uk

Please note that this service may require a certain fee determined by RefurbishedPhones.co.uk.

This policy does not affect the customer’s statutory rights.



If the customer’s returned item(s) are out of our warranty terms and conditions, RefurbishedPhones.co.uk may charge the customer for the repair or the return of the item(s). The amount to be charged will be determined by RefurbishedPhones.co.uk according to each individual case. The customer will be informed of the required amount and it must be paid in full in order for the repair to take place. If the customer refuses to pay the repair fee, a charge will be required for the return shipping cost.

Any repairs that are not authorized by RefurbishedPhones.co.uk and the product’s manufacturer will void the customer’s warranty policy for the product immediately.



When the customer returns a product to RefurbishedPhones.co.uk, we process the refund as soon as possible and make every effort to ensure a timely refund is issued. Refunds are issued to the same payment method the customer used to pay for their order on the RefurbishedPhones.co.uk website.



When a customer returns products to RefurbishedPhones.co.uk, the responsibility and liability of the product’s package will remain on the customer until RefurbishedPhones.co.uk’s inspection of the products after delivery. We highly recommend sending returned products with a registered and insured postage service. Any loss, whether physical or financial, in case of returns, is not RefurbishedPhones.co.uk’s responsibility and will not be covered by our company.

Products that are damaged in transit upon returning products are the customer’s responsibility and all claim requirements will be upon the customer as the sender.



RefurbishedPhones.co.uk’s warranty does not apply to any defect, fault, or error that is caused by any of the following:

  • Fair Wear & Tear
  • Willful Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Accidental Damage
  • Negligence by the Customer or any third party.
  • Usage otherwise than as recommended by the Manufacturer
  • Any alteration or repair carried out without RefurbishedPhones.co.uk approval.

This warranty or guarantee is in addition to your consumer rights.



RefurbishedPhones.co.uk’s complaint system fairly receives and processes all of our customers’ issues. With the expertise of our staff and the excellence of the products’ suppliers and/or manufacturers, we make every effort to resolve all of our customers’ complaints in a prompt manner.

Please contact us to raise your complaint

  • via email – info (at) RefurbishedPhones.co.uk
  • via post –

24 St Peters Road


BH1 2LN.